[heading size=”3″ heading_class=”content_heading” h_class=”heading-red”]TEACHING KNOWLEDGE TEST [/heading]

logo-cambridge-esol-2The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test from Cambridge ESOL.
It tests the knowledge for English language teachers especially their knowledge on concepts related to language,
usage of language and the background to and practice of language teaching.

[heading size=”4″ heading_class=”content_heading” h_class=”heading-red”]AIM[/heading]

TKT aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the following core areas:

  • Different methodologies for teaching
  • The ‘language of teaching’
  • The ways in which resources can be used
  • The key aspects of lesson planning
  • Classroom management methods for different needs
[heading size=”4″ heading_class=”content_heading” h_class=”heading-red”]Who is it for[/heading]

TKT is ideal for all teachers, whatever their background and teaching experience. TKT can be taken at any stage in a teacher’s career. TKT is suitable for teachers of English in primary, secondary or adult teaching contexts.

TKT can be taken by:

  • Pre-service teachers
  • Teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge

Though there are no formal entry requirements, anyone wishing to take TKT is strongly advised to have at least an intermediate level of English — Level B1 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) — e.g. PET, IELTS band score of 4

[heading size=”4″ heading_class=”content_heading” h_class=”heading-red”]SYLLABUS SUMMARY[/heading]

TKT Core Module 1: Background to language teaching:

  • describing language and language skills
  • background to language learning
  • background to language teaching

TKT Core Module 2: Planning for language teaching:

  • planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons
  • selection and use of resources and materials

TKT Core Module 2: Planning for language teaching:

  • knowledge of what happens in the classroom during language learning
  • the teacher’s role in classroom management
  • methods used to manage and make the most of interactions in the classroom

TKT Specialist Module: Content and Language Integrated Learning

This module tests knowledge about content teaching in a target language and the learning, thinking and language skills which are developed across different curriculum subjects.

  • knowledge of the principles of CLIL
  • lesson preparation in a CLIL context
  • lesson delivery
  • assessment

TKT Specialist Module: Knowledge About Language:

The Module tests knowledge of the language systems needed by teachers. It also focuses on the teachers’ awareness of the language needs of learners and the challenges students encounter in learning a second language.

The 80 minute test deals with testing knowledge of English from a teaching perspective in the areas of:

  • lexis
  • phonology
  • grammar
  • discourse

TTKT Specialist Module: Young Learners:

  • learning and development in young learners
  • planning lessons for young learners
  • teaching strategies for young learners
  • classroom-based assessment for young learners
[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”heading”]Some Testimonials for TKT from around the world[/heading][testimonials][testimonial image_u=”1239″]‘My experience with TKT has been valuable because it has brought me up to date with the concepts and methodologies. Today I have more confidence in my performance as a teacher and my students’ skills have improved.’[/testimonial][testimonial image_u=”1239″]‘I have no formal teaching qualifications, so I chose TKT to gain formal certification. I’ve also learned many interesting points of English that I never considered before.’[/testimonial][testimonial image_u=”1239″]‘Taking TKT was a positive experience for me. TKT offers a great opportunity for teachers to qualify for an internationally recognised award without having to spend a lot of money or travel abroad.’[/testimonial][testimonial image_u=”1239″]‘I consider the incorporation of the TKT tests a ‘plus’, since many people like me, who have vast
experience working as a teacher, will finally be able to obtain some formal assessment. It also is a ‘must’, because it is a certificate from a department of the prestigious University of Cambridge.’
[/testimonial][testimonial image_u=”1239″]‘TKT is one of the most recognized qualifications in our field. As it has been developed by one of the most prestigious universities in the world, TKT certainly opens many doors for teachers.’[/testimonial][/testimonials]

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