New Schools

We have the experience and expertise to develop and establish new schools in various categories.

We are able to provide an ‘idea to implementation’ service for setting up a new school that shall cover infrastructure planning, staff recruitment, curriculum planning, staff training, and exam board affiliation.

It is not easy to start a new school – there are a plethora of questions and concerns that promoters may face, starting from location, finances, affiliations, regulations, staffing, curriculum, marketing, and so on.

Entrepreneurs, or shall we say Edupreneurs, need to formulate their vision and undergo a steep learning curve to implement it.

Our team of consultants brings this experience and expertise to promoters who desire to set up a new school.

Services for New Schools include:

Visioning – Our team helps you in formulating the vision and mission that you have in mind.  It is important to understand the reasons you want to set up the school and the legacy that you would like to leave behind for generations to come.

Infrastructure Planning – This will include Site Selection, Space Planning, Infrastructural Needs Analysis, Classrooms, Laboratories, Playgrounds and Sporting facilities, and all relevant areas required in a school.

Curriculum Planning – There are various choices a school has to make in terms of deciding the curriculum it adopts and the teaching methodologies it decides to use.Our experts shall hand-hold the teaching staff to understand the requirements of the affiliating bodies, the learners, and all the stakeholders to ascertain the best fit in terms of curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and other needs like vocational and technical exposure. We will help you in the selection of subjects, activities, and even planning your annual calendar and daily schedules.

Staffing – Human resources are the key to the success of any educational institution and our trained recruiters shall help you to recruit teaching and non-teaching staff for all positions in the school. We will also help you set up the organizational structure, processes, and professional development practices.

Training – A regular and ongoing program for professional development and teacher training is essential. We shall identify key areas where intervention is required and address the regular learning and training needs of your staff.

Admissions – We shall help you in formulating and implementing your admissions policies and structure, catchment area, marketing plan, etc.