We value the reflections and feedback of all our Teacher Trainers. It helps us conserve our consistency and motivates us to do better still….

Thank you Sir, I have many things to take back from this session. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It was very helpful and thought provoking and I have learnt a lot about myself & my styles of teaching.

Sumera Khan, Teacher, South City International School, Kolkata.

The entire gamut of the Course was covered in the programme, from the introduction to activity-based teaching. It was a comprehensive workshop, with loads of activities.

Gyaltsen Lama, Teacher, Campion International School, Siliguri, West Bengal

A totally new methodology of teaching was introduced to us. An interactive method of teaching, with presentations and real life examples made this workshop a very interesting one.

Pankti Jamindar, Teacher, Tulip International School, Ahmedabad

A nice training journey, very inspiring and motivational. Wonderful and well structured presentation.

Debarati Das, Teacher, Shree Bharati School

It was a wonderful workshop and we learnt a lot. He helped us to discover ourselves, made us realise our responsibilities and goals.

Sampita Das, Primary Teacher, South City International School, Kolkata

All six days of the programme were very interesting. It encouraged us to be more confident. The best part was the pattern of questions, which invariably would bring out the best in a child.

Tinku Saha, Teacher, Campion International School, Siliguri, West Bengal

The course was very well organized and resourceful. I enjoyed the group activities. The Reflective Report was the exercise that would really help us the most.

Subrata Das, Teacher, Scholastica, Dhaka, Bangladesh

One of the best workshops I have attended! We learnt a lot through interactive and fun sessions. It was innovative and the time just flew by. Thank You!

Momita Basu Saha, Special Educator, South City International School, Kolkata

The course taught us to be more articulate and systematic. The practice session was the most enjoyable.

Subrata Das, Teacher, Scholastica, Dhaka, Bangladesh

My approach towards ‘learning’ (not teaching) will never be the same again.  Thank you very much for guiding me like the way you did.

Manisha Rudra, Teacher, Calcutta International School

The course was very constructive, educative and reviving to my knowledge. I will try to implement the Weekly Reflective Report of the teachers at first and then move on to other features.

Ruth Hrangchal, Teacher, State Govt. of Mizoram

The impact of this learning programme has been tremendous.  I am glad I was a part of it.  It was an eye opener of what we are and what we can be.

Sharmila Majumdar, Teacher, Calcutta International School, Kolkata

Thank you. I passed and all because of your help and guidance. Thanks again. God bless you!

Anju, Teacher, Bangalore International School, Bangalore